Nature Inspired Décor: Our Tips for Creating a Faux Greenery Wall

By Maria Rogerson

April 29, 2022House & Garden

Humans have a hardwired desire to belong in nature. This explains the fact why we feel entirely refreshed after a 10-minute walk in the park or a 5-minute coffee break in the garden. We find green surroundings highly relaxing. Yet, our busy lifestyles prevent us from spending time in nature as much as we like. In a desperate attempt to reconnect with our roots, we started incorporating nature into our homes. 

The biophilic design isn’t a new concept.  As a process that brings the outside world inside, people have used this design by installing nature-inspired elements into their home decor. Whether it’s using a natural colour scheme, mimicking nature through shapes or applying natural textures, the biophilic design is all about natural world experience. And what can bring us closer to nature than greenery and plants?
Combining biophilia and a lush home look, vertical gardens have become a popular prop for transforming a garden space into a beautiful lounge area and making it more comfortable and relaxing.  First thing first, let’s see what’s the big deal about vertical gardens.

Wall Gardens

What Makes Wall Gardens So Appealing?

Vertical gardens are like plant accent walls. Anyone who likes plants or likes accent walls will love the concept of having a greenery wall. Besides being an exciting way of bringing nature inside, vertical gardens have many other purposes too. We beautify the whole space with minimal effort byy turning a plain wall into a living green gardet. This not only improves our mood but also improves our health and air quality. By putting the garden up on the wall, we save space that we would otherwise use for planters. When outside, a vertical garden can serve as a privacy wall, preventing curious neighbours’ looks. And, it certainly adds value to our property, increasing the biodiversity of an urban area.
Besides the many benefits, not everyone can have a vertical living garden. One thing, it can be a bit pricey. Second, it’s certainly not for people that aren’t much into gardening, or gardening beginners, as it requires advanced gardening knowledge. What can you do if you’re neither a gardening expert nor you’re willing to invest a little fortune in a vertical garden? Creating an artificial vertical garden may be the right thing to do.

Fake Wall Garden Benefits

Ideal for Any Space

You can add stylish and low maintenance greenery to your home by using an artificial vertical garden. The vertical garden panels can be hung on various mediums, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor styling. You can beautify your deck or patio outside or decorate an inside wall in any room. 

Easy Installation

The faux greenery walls have grid backing, which allows for easy installation. You can use nails, hooks or cable ties depending on the medium the panel is attached to.

fake Wall Garden modern

Low Maintenance

If having a plant is like having a pet, then we can easily compare having a living greenery wall to having a baby! It requires attention, affection and time. Caring for a faux greenery wall, however, is like caring for a plain wall, and even easier. You can easily clean it with a hose it down, or simply wipe it clean. 

Stylish Feature

Most fake wall gardens come as a mix of colours and textures to create an instant life-like garden. Thir stylish lush look can be easily mistaken for a live garden wall.

Tips on Styling a Faux Greenery Wall

Make a Single Frame

You can DIY or buy vertical garden systems as a final product. The first option is more budget-friendly but takes more time and patience. If you don’t have the time or aren’t much crafty, you can buy fake wall gardens online. Usually, they come in square and round panels with a grid backing, so you can easily attach them to any wall. You can use a single panel to create a green frame as a single decoration item. You can make it round or square, or any shape you like, as the panels can be easily cut. You can place your green frame anywhere you like. These are some placement ideas:

  • In the living room: above sofa, or next to a sofa chair along with some task light for a cosy reading corner.
  • In the dining room: above a side cabinet, or a buffet.
  • In the kitchen: next to the kitchen table, creating a cosy dining area.
  • In the Bedroom: above the bed frame.

Create a Statement Wall

By putting several panels together, you can turn a boring wall into a greenery statement wall. You can make an accent outside or an inside wall, to your preference. If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, it can be the wall above the tub. Along with some candles, it makes the perfect spot for having relaxing baths and some me-time.

fake Wall Garden modern home

Mix and Match

Although some of the fake garden walls come in various textures, some may seem very plain for your taste. So, how do you make a fake vertical garden seem alive and interesting? You can mix and match textures and materials or add items to create various decorations. For example, you can add wooden elements. Attaching the fake green panels onto a designer wooden frame can add to the natural look you’re going for. Or, you can add various shaped wooden frames on top of the wooden panel. You can play with different colours and shades for a tropic vibe or an ombre look. Other ideas are baroque frames, artwork, mirrors and different fake flowers.

A Final Thought

The variety of fake garden walls available makes them an easy option for nature-inspired home decor. The easy installation, the great looks and the low maintenance make them a great alternative to having a vertical living garden. Create a faux greenery wall in your home space for a dreamy home biophilic look and have the very needed nature break in the comfort of your home.