Our Tips For Buying Gifts For All Zodiac Signs

By Maria Rogerson

August 25, 2014Astrology: Zodiac Signs and Horoscope Dates Gifts

Buying gifts is a joyous, but stressful activity. Trying to find the perfect gift for someone can be a tough task. In order to buy a suitable gift, we need to know the person well and know her/his likes and dislikes. Astrology offers to help us with that, because if we know the zodiac sign of that person, finding the right gift can be simple and fun. If you believe in the influence of the planets and the stars, here are a few tips for buying the perfect gift for each zodiac sign!

Zodiac Signs Gift Ideas


  • For her: Makeup set, hat, leather bag, shoes, ruby jewelry, floral perfume
  • For him: Shave gel, boots, hat, helmet, riding gloves


  • For her: Jasmine perfume, flowers, chocolates, jewelry, lace lingerie
  • For him: cashmere sweater, perfume, bathrobe, scarf, wallet, dinner at a restaurant


  • For her: turquoise earrings, yellow roses, sweet-smelling perfume, nail polish
  • For him: Metal bracelet, branded sunglasses, scented candles, concert tickets


  • For her: Silk clothing, fur, pearl jewelry, silver ring with turquoise stone, white roses
  • For him: Bottle of good wine, antiques, picture frame, fishing accessories, a pet


  • For her: Red roses, diamond earrings, gold jewelry, elegant dress, high heel shoes, makeup set, stuffed toys
  • For him: Champagne, fine cigars, tickets for a film premiere, painting


  • For her: Book, subtle jewelry, organic cosmetics, makeup set, scheduler
  • For him: Fine leather shoes, hat, fishing vest, book, a pet


  • For her: Flowers, perfume, fur, jewelry, dress, gloves, hat, scented bath salt
  • For him: High-quality jeans, perfume jacket, hair cosmetics


  • For her: Black lace lingerie, velvet dress, mascara, strong-smelling perfume, red roses, chrysanthemum
  • For him: Bottle of exotic drink, crime novels, books on secret societies, sports jacket


  • For her: Branded sunglasses, big bag, a pet, floor lamp
  • For him: Sportswear, sports equipment, travelogue


  • For her: Strong-smelling perfume, flowers, book, silk scarf, leather bag, belt, earrings
  • For him: Tickets for theater, thick sweater, warm slippers, umbrella, encyclopedia


  • For her: Modern details, flowers, scented candles, hair cosmetics, hair curler, socks
  • For him: Perfume, wrist watch, camera, music player, high-quality footwear, small household appliances, boots


  • For her: A bouquet of roses, jewelry, perfume, spa treatment, painting equipment, yoga classes
  • For him: Bottle of wine, sunglasses, painting, camera, psychology books, comfortable shoes