Our Tips for Finding the Best Military Models for Your Skill Level

By Steve George

July 11, 2019Toys

A scale model is a three-dimensional representation of a physical object. You can find them for almost anything you can imagine in a wide range of scale to suit your budget, your display space, and whatever you strive to build.  If you’re into military models, that’s great- there is a ton to choose from. But regardless of the fact whether it is cars, tanks, aircraft or something entirely different that appeals most to you, you will need to consider the following factors to find the right military models for sale. 


For the first-time modelers, I suggest you go with a model that has the least amount of parts. Although various additions can be added to make it more unique and detailed, the amount of time you’ll spend figuring out which part goes where is going to make everything 5x worse. If you’re a beginner, look for military models for sale that don’t have many parts and use only injection molded polystyrene. You will have plenty of time to develop your skills with different media such as photo-etched brass and resin. My advice is to first gain the skills of working with plastic before you start using media that require different glues and skills. 


When it comes to the scale or the size of the model, it really depends on how big the real-life size of that vehicle is. For example, if you get a 1/72 scale model of a 9-meter long vehicle you’ll have a very small version of it, but if you get the same scale model of a 6-meter long vehicle, the model won’t be as small. I’d recommend you go for small scale models as they are easier to assemble. The bigger the real-life size of a transporter or tank is – the smaller the scale of the model should be.

QualityFor your very first assembly, it’s best that you go for a plastic model as they are not only cheaper but they are also made to be pretty tough. A material such as Lexan is a durable plastic that can take a beating and the need for you to use a filler will be almost non-existent. Remember that if you are looking for high-quality military models for sale they won’t be as simple to assemble. Beginners should go for recent model kits rather than older ones as they can be a tough challenge even for experienced modelers.

Paint Scheme

Similarly to the build of the model, the amount of detail and paint scheme complexity is going to decide the difficulty of the paint job. Usually, a beginner should go with a model that requires them to apply one colour on the entire body. If you feel comfortable after doing that then go with other models that need additional colours and after you’ve done several of them then you should go for ones with emblems and text. Remember that the more colours you have to put on a model, the more complex the masking will be and the overall painting process.