Our Tips For Fun Flashlight Games For Kids

By Maria Rogerson

November 28, 2016Electronics

flashlight game for kids

When you have kids it’s very important to nurture your creativity, because if they get bored and unhappy, the house is going to turn into a real life nightmare. If you want to avoid unpleasant situations like annoying screaming, crying and moaning (Is there a parent that doesn’t?), you have to do your best and blow your little kid’s mind away with some unique ideas that will keep them entertained and excited. According to Dr. Peter Gray, “the valuable role that adults can play in helping children become children is by fostering the kinds of settings where they really can play freely. A setting where there is an adult there that can protect them from serious dangers and a setting that can teach them some new games.” This means that parents should take all the opportunities that are shown in their way and create a safe environment where kids will explore, play and expand their comfort zone.

Dr. Peter Gray suggests once the play environment is set up, it’s better to step back a little and see what happens. For proper child’s development it’s essential to touch different objects every day, to be a part of different environments and to feel free when experimenting. The two most critical areas of experience for children’s development during the early childhood years are exploring and experimenting with physical objects and environments normally unknown to them. So when the lights go out, it’s an opportunity to unplug and show your little ones all the wonders of the darkness. You can create a fairy tale – like environment with a simple powerful hand torch that will sparkle your child’s imagination and tickle their innocent curiosity.

Once the lights are out and the powerful hand torch is loaded up on battery, prepare the kids for an awesome night show. Here are a few interesting games with torches that will wake up your inner child.

  • Treasure Hunt In The Dark – Every kid loves treasure hunt. Add a flashlight in their hand and turn the lights off, they’ll get even more excited. Hide some items around the house, like coins, chocolate or “gold” and see how your kids handle their movements in the dark. Be sure to have enough torches for everyone involved, because it’s a lot more fun when each participant has their own beam. Some kids will get scared away and start crying, but others will get excited and will crave for more games like this one.

  • Shadow Puppets – Encourage your kid to play with their imagination and storytelling. You can use paper to make interesting figures or simply use the hand. Shine the flashlight on the figure or the hand and enjoy the stories your kids will love to tell.

  • Flashlight Word Game – You can use this game to work on your kids’ reading skills and at the same time have a blast. Fill the emptiest wall in the house with sticky notes and write words on them. Turn off all the lights and give your little one a hand torch to shine on the words and read them. Don’t forget to include already known words for your child so the game could go smoothly. Also you can make sentences out of the words. For example, if the word is “car”, ask your child to tell you a sentence with the word (The car is yellow). You’ll see that reading with a flashlight will be a fun fun way for your child to learn some new words before bedtime.

  • Flashlight Hide And Seek – Is there a better gigglefest experience than the old classic hide and seek? All kids and all parents love this game, it’s one of those “old but gold” treasures that should be kept alive in these modern days. Normal hide and seek is awesome, but imagine playing hide and seek in the dark? Hiding in the dark and being spotted by beams of light is thrilling and funny. The only thing you should do is clear the way and make sure your kids don’t bump into a chair or step on a Lego figure.

With these four powerful hand torch tips you will have all the fun covered for the week. Once you start playing with flashlights, you’ll think of so many new cool games and the whole family will impatiently wait for the night. Whether the power is out or you just want to have fun after the sun sets, a torch game is always a great way to spend the night.