Our Tips for Improving Your Holden’s Interior

By Steve George

May 23, 2022Cars

If you own your Holden, you’re in the position to make any changes you like to it without stressing about what the finance company will think. This leaves you with a lot of room for customisation, no matter whether you want to fit an aftermarket roof rack, install a bull bar, or completely revamp the interior to make your Holden truly yours. Interior upgrades are typically minor and affordable, yet play the biggest role in personalising your Holden. So if that’s something you’ve contemplated for a long time, but just didn’t get around to doing, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

Pros and Cons of Making Changes to the Interior

The Pros of Making Interior Changes

Adding a personal touch – give your Holden a touch of personality to make it stand out from the crowd
Adding comfort – worn down seats? No problem! Get aftermarket seats with superior cushioning, an aftermarket Holden door handle that’s easier to the touch or a steering wheel cover to prevent your hands from sweating
Premium features – aftermarket interior parts are designed with superior performance and comfort
Increase resale value – while this is not a given, some people would actually pay more money if it comes with aftermarket interior parts and accessories

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The Cons of Making Interior Changes

Reduce resale value – if you make irreversible changes to the interior, you can negatively affect your Holden’s resale value on the mainstream resale market
Reduce safety and comfort – some modifications can have a negative impact on the safety and comfort of your vehicle. Furthermore, some changes might be illegal
Void the warranty – depending on the modifications you make, you may invalidate your insurance. To avoid this, check in with your insurance company first
DIY changes can be difficult – performing interior changes can be tricky, and you can mess things up. If you aren’t confident, leave it to a professional

Interior Changes You Can Make

Seat Covers

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Seat covers are typically the first interior change most people make. You can upgrade your stock seat covers, which I’m assuming are probably worn down quite a bit. You can get quality leather seats, which are going to be a huge upgrade in terms of comfort from your stock fabric or faux leather seats. Besides improving the comfort, seat covers can make your vehicle look better, and protect the seats from stains, wear and damage from pets or children, for example. The seats upgrade the look of your vehicle greatly, as they occupy the most space.

Door Handle

The door handle of your car is the first and last thing you touch when entering and leaving your vehicle. For that reason, it’s one of the parts that make the most abuse. If your door handle is shaky, broken or worn down, consider replacing them. You can find a wide assortment of Holden door handle models, both interior and exterior. The most popular ones are pull-out handles. Make sure you choose handles suitable for your Holden model and make to ensure a snug fit.

Floor Mats

car floor mats
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Another popular interior change most people will make at one point or another. As one of the most visible accessories inside the cabin, the floor mats play a role in how clean your Holden is, and how it looks. Floor mats will act as an extra layer, protecting the floor panels from mud, dust, water and other contaminants. Floor mats can be manufactured from a wide range of materials, and they come in various designs. Another great thing about floor mats is that they’re extremely easy to place and remove. You can find them in a variety of colours and textures, and choose from materials like vinyl, rubber or carpet.

Steering Wheel Cover

A lot of emphasis is placed on the design of the steering wheel, as it adds to the overall interior aesthetics. Just like cover seats, steering wheels can be embedded in a cover to make them look better. But besides improving the looks, steering wheel covers also improve comfort and grip when maneuvering. It’s recommended to match the wheel cover to the upholstery for a uniform appearance. These modifications are very cheap, and you can choose from a wide range of materials and colours, based on preference and desired look.

steering wheel cover
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Phone Accessories

Using your phone when driving isn’t recommended. It’s been one of the major reasons for accidents in the past decade. However, a lot of people ignore this rule and still use their phones while driving, no matter whether for navigation or communication. A simple solution to this problem is a phone mount or phone holder. These accessories can let you see what’s happening on the screen hands-free. Furthermore, this ensures that your phone is secure, and doesn’t accidentally drop between the seats or other hard-to-reach places.