Our Tips for Organizing an Eco-Friendly Event

By Maria Rogerson

August 29, 2019Lifestyle

Over the past few years, environmental pollution has become a major global problem that seems to only be spreading more and more. The mass production of harmful and chemically treated products is on the rise, and more and more studies reveal that the way we have been disposing of waste so far has caused some serious damages to our planet. Fortunately, not all people are ignorant, and many are doing everything in their power to contribute to finding a solution. A solution in the form of eco-friendly products should be the primary option, as this way we can stop adding to the already existing issue. Caring for our environment can start with the use of some everyday eco-friendly items and then include their implementation during some bigger and more significant events. If you are planning a wedding, for instance, there are lots of ideas and tips on how to make the whole event an eco-friendly one.


Eco-Friendly Venues

Since the increased number of vehicles is one of the main cause of air pollution, holding your event at a venue that’s close to the place you live or to the one of your relatives would be ideal. That way, there will be no need to travel long-distance with vehicles or aeroplanes, which can help you minimize the event’s carbon footprint. Luckily, these days there are lots of eco-venues like country houses, function halls and gardens, and all of them can make the event even more personal and amazing. When out of ideas, you can always search online for such locations or ask someone close to help you.

Disposable Plates & Cutlery

Choosing eco friendly plates and cutlery is the most efficient way to hold an environmentally conscious event. And don’t think that these can’t look stylish and elegant, especially when arranged the right way.

Practical and cost-effective, this type of dishware and cutlery comes in a range of designs, shapes and sizes, just like the other types. The most commonly used version of eco friendly plates are the ones made from palm tree leaves. They are natural, beautiful (thanks to their unique leaf texture and shape) but most importantly durable and lightweight. Out of all things, maybe one of the most important one is that these require minimal processing – the leaves are only collected, washed and heat-pressed which at the same time sterilizes the leaf without the use of any chemical.


Biodegradable and compostable, palm leaf plates are an eco-chic and unique product, one that can take your event to a much higher level, when it comes to going green in these aspects. Regarding the cutlery, the ones made from bamboo are the most popular green option as bamboo is another natural and renewable source. It allows the creation of the safest to use pieces of cutlery, ones that are disposable and stylish at the same time.

Eco-Friendly Party Favours

Mini swing-top glass bottles, mini mason jars, bottle openers, mini kissing bells and photo frames are party favours that slowly but surely are becoming a thing of the past for those who care of the environment. However, even party favours can be unique and eco-friendly, only if you are open to use your creative side. Mini succulent pots, bags of coffee beans, candles packed in jute wrap are some of the eco-friendliest party favours people adore. When short on cash, you can always make the party favours yourself with a little help from your friends. That way you can get help while being able to have fun and create some memorable moments. Priceless, right?!