Say Goodbye to Bad Hair Days: Tips for Choosing the Right Styling Tools

By Maria Rogerson

April 7, 2021Blog Health & Beauty

Have you ever styled your hair for hours, but after a couple of mini-mental breakdowns you just ended up wrapping your simple, boring bun because your hair just loves annoying you? Don’t worry, we’ve all had bad hair days. Even after dedicating your entire patience to playing hairdresser, your hair is just mischievous and decides to “take the day off” just before you leave for an important meeting or a date.

But, before you get out frustrated and leave your self-confidence at home once again, you should know that not even the most stubborn hair in the world can stay immune to good hair styling tools. So, take a peek into our tips for choosing the right tools that will make your hair look like you came straight out of a hairdressing salon.

Professional Hairdryer

If you thought that using the most expensive, high-quality products will save your nerves, I’m sorry to say you’re wrong. Haircare doesn’t end with washing your hair. The first thing you should do on your journey to taking haircare to the next level is to enrich your hairdressing tools collection with a professional hairdryer.


When choosing the hairdryer that will do miracles to your hair, go for one that features advanced ionic technology, which is known for successfully taming every frizzy hair, making it look smooth and soft. Aside from your new hairdryer using ionic technology, have in mind that professional hairstylists worldwide recommend blasting some cool air after blow-drying to give your hair some moisture and bouncy volume, so make sure you pick the one that features a cool shot button.

However, if you’re aiming for extra volume, or you want to enhance your natural curls by using a hairdryer, make sure you attach a diffuser. This little hair styling tool will give your hair an effortless-looking volume, shape and texture, thanks to its contoured fingers that lift and separate your hair while you’re blow-drying it.

Hair Straightener

Straightening is one of the most convenient and easy ways a lot of women choose when it comes to styling their hair for the day. If straight hair is your signature hairstyle, then I’m sure you hate it when it gets frizzy and unruly with the first brisk breeze after leaving your home.


At this point, know that maintaining your hair sleek and straight through the day is not the greatest philosophy in the world if you have the right straightener in your hairdressing tools arsenal. When choosing a hair straightener for your hair, the most recommended choices are titanium and ceramic. But have in mind that there’s a big difference between these two.

Titanium hair straighteners are mostly intended for professional use, giving an immediate blaze and long-lasting effect by heating the hair from the surface of the shaft. But, if you’re dealing with extremely frizzy and stubborn hair, or you want to tame your naturally curly hair easy, the titanium plates would be perfect for your hair.

On the other hand, straighteners using the ceramic-heat technology heat your hair from the inside out in a more gentle way. They give your hair a nourished and hydrated appearance on the outside without damaging and crippling its exterior layer. This makes them perfect if you’re dealing with thin, dry and damaged hair, or if your hair tends to get straightened easier.

But regardless of whether you pick a titanium or ceramic hair straightener, using it on daily basis means regularly exposing your hair to high temperatures that can lead to permanent damages. And even though almost all the straightener feature heating up to 200 ºC, most hairstylists recommend an optimal heating temperature of 185ºC to avoid burning your hair. To protect your hair from the heat maximally, always opt for straighteners that offer dual-zone technologies which straighten the hair evenly, without having to heat the same strand more than once.

Curl Wand

The beachy waves and deep, natural-looking curls have become one of the most popular and trendy hairstyles that got a lot of women hyped. But after curling every single strand carefully, it’s not uncommon to get the “bun curls” effect and dead, crippled hair. If that’s your case too, we encourage you to blame your curling hairdressing tool. Get rid of your curling tools that “kill” your hair and the annoying curlers that make laying your head on a pillow uncomfortable. The only thing you need is a professional curl wand that gives you the desired natural curls and protects your hair from the heat.


Same as the hair straightener, when choosing a hair wand always opt for the ones that use technologies that curl your hair at the optimal 185ºC, without “stealing” the moisture of your hair and make it look dry and unhealthy. For this purpose, hair wands with ceramic coatings make for good and protective hair tools for curling.

Aside from heat protection, your hair wand’s main purpose is to shape the curls you desire. Have in mind that getting different shapes of curls depends on the wand’s barrel. If you’re aiming for the deep, glamorous waves that fall freely on your shoulders, then choose an oval barrel curling wand.

If you want to get the beach waves or flirty tousled curls to complete that romantic dress for your date, make sure you use a tip-tapered styling wand that will give your curls additional volume and a natural look.

Different Brushes

Using only the most protective hair grooming tools to get the perfect hairstyle is worth nothing if you brush your hair with a poor hairbrush that only breaks your hair. Stop wondering what’s wrong with your old ordinary hairbrush, and get yourself a new one to feel the difference of brushing your hair with a specialized, high-quality hairbrush. We made a list of the hairbrushes that are essential for your kit if you want to keep your hair healthy and flawlessly styled.


Wet Brush

The wet brush is a must-have hair styling tool, great for speeding up the drying process of all types of hair. This brush has an open vented design, which allows the moisture to get removed from the hair faster. The special bristles of this brush additionally pair with your hair drier to speed up the drying process even more, while making your hair smooth and soft.

So, if you’re a person that is constantly late, or you want to save some time for a glass of wine before a night out with your friends, the wet brush is the only thing that can save your time.

Keratin Brush

Treating your hair with keratin works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands, making your hair straighter, less frizzy and easier to style. And even though keratin is a great fix for your hair, constant treatments will cost you a whole fortune in long term.

A great replacement for the expensive and long-lasting keratin treatments is the convenient $17 Keratin complex hairbrush. This brush uses the ceramic/ionic technology that is engineered to be used with all the heat appliances, which makes it a great addition to your hair straightener.

This brush is the cheapest solution for making your hair look healthy, sleek and smooth, and makes for one of the most valuable hairbrushes in your hairstyling kit.

Radial Brush

This brush is also a must-have in every lady’s hairdressing kit, especially if you’re skilled enough to give your hair the curls and the volume you desire using your blow dryer. The bigger the barrel, the more voluminous effect you’ll get.

When choosing a radial brush, always go for the one that has natural bristles, which pair with your strands and allow you to smooth and shape your hair without any difficulties. Also, using a radial brush can speed up the drying process too, if the barrel is covered with ceramic coating.


Different Combs

Have you ever seen a hairdresser making buns and cute hairstyles without a comb? I’m sure you haven’t, and that’s why having this little hair tool is very valuable, and can save you from the very well known mental breakdowns while playing hairdresser at home.

Starting from your hair being wet, the first comb in your hair kit should be the detangling comb, which will help you evenly apply hair products from your root to your tips.

The next comb that is a must-have is the tail comb, which allows you to separate sections precisely without leaving a single hair behind. This makes the tail comb perfect for ironing your hair, as well as styling buns, ponytails and different hairstyles that require precisely separating strands.

Finally, the last must-have comb is a fine-tooth comb for your purse rather than your hairstyling kit, which can come in handy in a lot of situations when you need to quickly fix your hair wherever you are.

So, stop waiting and go buy hair styling tools that are the perfect fit for your hair to become the woman that dazzles with self-confidence wherever she goes!