Our Tips On How To Keep Your Hair Straight All Day

By Maria Rogerson

January 8, 2014Hair care

Keep Your Hair Straight

Waves and curls are fun and exciting, but straight hair gives you that classic and elegant look any time. However, it is really difficult to keep hair straight at all times, especially during summer when humidity is high. All Australian girls who live in cities like Melbourne, Portland, Warrnambool, Geelong etc., where the temperatures and humidity during summer are really high, have this problem with frizzy and unruly hair. To keep your hair straight and silky smooth, you need to take proper care of it like applying appropriate products and using proper equipment which can help you achieve excellent results. To keep your hair looking perfect, take a look at the following tips.


Use Proper Hair Products

Buy hair products specially formulated to give you straight, smooth and sleek hair. Always wash your hair with straightening shampoo and apply proper hair conditioner. Once you are done with washing, dry your hair with a towel and apply straightening product like mousse, gel, etc. on damp hair. It is recommended not to brush your hair while still wet. Also, if you plan to expose your hair on heat, brush it and apply a heat protector.


Blow Drying Or Flat Ironing

Once you are done with washing and have applied the protective products, you can choose between blow drying and hair straightening with flat iron. If you decide to blow dry your hair at home, but would like to achieve a hair salon look, use a wide brush and straighten your hair. Do not keep the blow dryer too close to your hair. If you go with the second option, hair straightening with flat iron, always have in mind that you need to invest little bit more in a ceramic flat iron if you want to have great results. Start from the back of your head gradually going to the front by taking small sections of your hair.


Keep It Straight

Once your hair is straight, if you want to keep it like that all day, apply hairspray or a small dub of anti-frizz with silicone or serum.

If you want a safer and better option for hair straightening, find the best hair straightening Melbourne salon and ask about their best hair straightening process. Nowadays one of the most popular hair straightening process in Melbourne is the Japanese hair straightening. This is a special crystallizing hair straightening technique which uses new and innovative methods developed by Shiseido Professional. This hair straightening process will make your frizzy, wavy and curly hair completely straight without damaging it. The Japanese hair straightening process will improve the shine and softness of your hair. Browse on the Internet for hair straightening Melbourne hair salons and find the one that meet your needs and has high customer ranking.