SMSF Advice & Tips How To Boost The Performance Of Your Fund

By Steve George

March 27, 2015Finance Superannuation funds

The main purpose of setting up your own retirement fund is to invest and gain more. As we all know, SMSF is the perfect way to invest in your future since it offers great flexibility and ensures comfortable, secure and happy retirement. Investing in your own future and having the full control over it, will generate a better run than investing in other super fund.

SMSF Advice

With the right approach, professional SMSF advice, planned investment strategy and management, you can improve the performance of your fund. Besides all this, the ideal way to boost your SMSF is to be constantly involved in the managing of the fund and decision making process. To find out more about how to boost the performance of your fund, take a look at the following SMSF advice and tips.

Get Professional SMSF Advice – The best way to be sure that your fund will be successful, is to get a professional SMSF advice before setting it up. A financial expert will give you the best legal SMSF advice. He/She will help you understand the pros and cons of setting up an SMSF, the best way to plan and invest and the best way to get the returns you want.
If you already have a fund but do not have a good strategy, do the same. Seek SMSF advice from a professional financial expert.

Get Educated – Get familiar with your SMSF. Ask your SMSF adviser about the contributions, operation, property investments, ATO rules and regulations and risks. This is important because it will help you make the right decisions.

Understand the Investments – Understand the types of property you can invest in with your SMSF. After all, the fund money is yours, thus you should be informed about everything in order to execute the right investment strategy.

Plan Your Retirement – The cornerstone of having a self managed super fund is to plan for your retirement and ensure that all decisions regarding your SMSF are centered around the Sole Purpose Test. This means that all your decisions must provide retirement benefits to all fund members and nothing more. If you already have an SMSF, it is crucial to consider the returns, diversity, risk and liquidity. Do not forget to document all this and to review the reports at least once a year.

SMSF is a perfect way to save for your retirement, only if you get the right SMSF advice and work according to ATO (Australian Tax Office) rules.