This Is How a Performance Chip Will Boost Your Vehicle’s Performance

By Steve George

April 1, 2019Cars

When microchips started to get implemented in cars during the late 80s, a new problem started to rise at the end of the current and the beginning of the new decade. In that time, the “modern-day” problem made people seek for a modern-day solution and thus came the tunning part of the microchip which today is known as the ‘performance chip’. The tunning of the performance chip brings more benefits than ever before and making good use of it will help you unleash the real power of your vehicle. For all this to make sense to you, let’s take a look at the benefits it provides.



By doing this you will have better acceleration and by better acceleration, I mean a quicker and more explosive start. This is made possible by increasing the air intake inside the engine which will make the response of the clip quicker, thus resulting in more rapid acceleration. With performance chip tunning you will be able to fine-tune this in a matter of minutes, which can solve other performance related issues as well.

Fuel Efficiency

Probably the most important of them all is the amount of fuel you will be able to save with performance chip tunning. Altering the vehicle’s ability to use fuel efficiently enough so it can save you some of it is going to save you money as well – depending on how much you are using your car. Some say that they have experienced a lower fuel consumption up to 1.7 KPL (Kilometres per litre). If you are someone who spends most of his day in the car, then you will be able to return your investment in a couple of months.


Some ECU’s are made to prevent you from going at higher speeds after you’ve reached a certain limit. Now, if you want to go really, really fast I advise you not to do this due to safety reasons. But if you want to get to a somewhat reasonable speed and your ECU is not allowing that to happen then its time to fine tune this too.

Enhance the Engine

Performance chips installed by manufacturers are made to stall your vehicle’s performance enough for it to feel like a mainstream vehicle and not to be efficient with fuel. This also means that it makes use of fewer horsepowers but with a performance chip tunning, you will be able to use more horsepowers and have extra torque as well. In order to enhance the engine, make sure the chip corresponds with the model of your car if you want to notice a difference in performance.