Tips on How to Check Your Dog for Fleas, Treat and Prevent Them

By Maria Rogerson

March 20, 2015Pets

Taking your dog for a walk is a pleasurable experience for both. But these enjoyable moments, or better said outdoor activities have a huge drawback called fleas. Yes, fleas. Those tiny, nasty and intrusive brown insects that invade your dog’s fur and consequently, your home.

Dogs are particularly susceptible to fleas, particularly when walking, playing around or lying on grassy areas. Fleas love dogs’ fur and they cannot miss the opportunity to conquer it. But you, as a responsible and mindful dog owner, would do everything to make them go away, right? Here are some tips on how to identify, treat and prevent fleas.


CHECK Your Dog For Fleas (Identify Them)

  • If you have noticed your dog scratching itself frequently, it is very likely it has caught fleas. To be sure you are correct, do a profound inspection of its fur. If there are fleas, once you start pulling your fingers through your dog’s fur, they will run in the opposite direction and hide.
  • Bathe your dog, but keep the drain clogged. If you notice dark (black) spots floating in the water, 99.9% these are in fact fleas.
  • Make a trap. It is easy, simple and effective. Fill a plate with a soapy water (add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid to a lukewarm water) and put a lit candle in the middle of the plate. Plate should be near the place where your dog is sleeping or spends most time (make sure the plate is out of your dog’s reach). If there are fleas, they will be attracted by the warmth of the candle and will jump towards it, thus ‘accidentally’ fall into the soapy water. Fleas BUSTED!

TREAT Your Dog and Home From Fleas

  • First of all, give your dog a long and thorough bath. Use a special flea shampoo and other similar products you can buy from a pet shop, and rinse dog’s fur thoroughly. Repeat this several times. You can also use different flea medications to kill fleas rapidly and efficiently.
  • Use a special flea comb (go through your dog’s fur).
  • Get rid of cloth and bedding (blankets and pillows) your dog has been using recently. Dog beds are also real flea residences.

PREVENT Fleas In The Future

  • Do not forget to brush your dog with a flea comb at least once a week.
  • Buy a special flea collar for dogs and different flea medications.
  • Vacuum your home frequently and thoroughly.