Our Tips on Combining Your Beach Bag With More Than One Outfit


December 22, 2015Health & Beauty

As a fashionista, I have to admit it: I spent as much time choosing my beach bag as I did choosing the one I wear everyday, for most occasions and seasons. I literally spent hours going through tote bags Australia stores looking for a bag that will withstand the strong summer sun, wet towels and shirts, bottles of water and magazines, and still look good to complement my outfits for hot summer nights and running errands in town. After spending a considerable amount of time looking for THE bag, I came to the conclusion that if you want to make a good investment, you should try to combine your beach bag with more than one outfit. Having few of your outfits on your mind will significantly make it easier for you to choose a bag that will go well with all of them.



Once you go on your shopping spree, you will notice that most tote bags Australia stores offer are large bags. Anyway, what is the purpose of having a small beach bag? No, no, no. This makes it easier to use it for a few other purposes. So, when you are flying and have a limit of 7 – 9 kilograms of baggage you can carry on the plane with you, you need a bag that is large enough to fit everything and still look good. Just look at celebrities on airports; all stylish with a pair of bright denim jeans, a simple white shirt, a pair of sneakers and a large bag which you can totally take with you at the beach.

A day out

Do you know that simple, large bags with straps and a nice print are so trendy right now? Exactly, this is basically a description of a beach bag. Imagine a day out in summertime, wearing denim shorts, a simple shirt and sandals combined with a beach bag as an accessory, Heaven right? Look for a beach bag with a print you find appealing, combine it your way and hit the streets in style!

The dinner combination

A dinner night-out in summer? By the sea maybe? I am sure you want to look perfect to the very last detail. Well, what you need is very simple, a long summer dress, flat sandals and a beach bag – an outfit that is very trendy and comfortable at the same time. Bringing a range of bags for all occasions while being on a vacation is simply irrational. Instead, use your fancy, colourful beach bag – it is spacious for a cardigan in case it gets chilly and fancy enough for the occasion.


Going on a whole day-trip in summer? Sun is shining bright, it is hot and you need to be out the entire day – meaning you will need a big bag filled with essentials to help you get through the adventure fresh and clean. Just in case, pack an extra t-shirt, wet wipes, a deodorant and your traveling cosmetic bag. As a fashionista, you should always look your best!

The beach

It will not be a beach bag if it does not serve its main purpose. I am going to say this again: be practical when looking through tote bags Australia online and offline stores for a beach bag; do not fool yourself with small fancy totes that are not made for the beach, the beach bag needs to be spacious! And according to the colour of the bag, you can get one of those long shirts made for covering your swimsuit, a pair of beach sandals, add a flower in your hair and voila – simply fabulous!