Picture Frames Decor Ideas for Complex Simplicity


April 14, 2016Home & Decor

Pictures are a story of their own – the perfect piece of art that has the power to hold memories. Yes, the amazing magic of photos – bringing back memories and feelings that are long gone and almost forgotten. And since these little paper loveys are so precious to you, it would be a shame not to frame them so good that you enhance their magic even more. While speaking of it, there are several things to consider to maximize their beauty. Take a look.

Picture Frames Decor

Consider the art
The first thing you should think about before choosing a frame for a certain photo, is of course the picture itself and what it expresses. So, what’s the medium? Is it a camera photo, an autographed one, an oil on canvas or something else? Think about it, they all have different feels. Moreover, is the picture more casual or formal? If it is a colourful piece, you’d want to tone it down with some neutral picture frames colors to get the most out of its magic. On the other hand, if it is monochromatic, you might use some eye-catching picture frame colors frames to make it look more vivid. Keep in mind that modern photographs and works of art can handle striking frame finishes and shapes, so if you have one do not hesitate to go bold. Colour has the power to change the entire mood of a picture and turn it from calm to exciting and vice versa; it can also have a influence on the “season” feel that a picture gives. My advice is to use a colour wheel to probe various shades against the photo.

Where will you place it?
The next thing to decide is where will you place the photo. Will it be hanging on the walls of your ultra modern living room, in your office, in your kid’s room, or maybe it will be a part of a gallery display? Location matters a lot! Think about it, the context (commercial, residential, gallery) as well as the style of the space will give you hints on what type of frame to choose and which colours would fit in best in your space.

Details to keep in mind
Other things to consider are of course the budget, eco-friendliness as well as the ease of assembly. Moreover, do not disregard the inside depth of the frame’s channel, the acrylic glazing and mounting board. Among the other more significant considerations is the lifespan of the frame, thus make sure you select the right frame material to ensure a longer lifespan. Remember, if you are framing an original piece of art or any photo that you plan to keep for a long time, order acid free mat boards and backing boards. However, if you are framing low cost posters or some other unsigned reproductions, you can freely go with frames and mats made of standard materials.