Our tips for buying massage chairs

By Maria Rogerson

April 5, 2013Health & Beauty Massagers

massage chairs

If you are seriously thinking on getting hooked on all the benefits of a massage but have a fixed budget then you are an ideal candidate for massage chairs. You may think it is a lot of money to give upfront but do not dismiss the idea just yet. Have you calculated how much a single massage will cost you? Now multiply that by 3 and see how much you’ll need to put aside each month for introducing this healthy habit in your life. So, how many times do you think you’ll visit that spa? Not often, right.

Taking this into a consideration, massage chairs cost much less than one year of a spa and are thus a very good investment in a long-run. And not to mention the benefit of having a full-body massage or homedic foot massage in the comfort of your home and when it’s most convenient for you. But don’t run out and get yourself a massage chair just yet. It is really important to know what to look for in a massage chair in order to get the one that will suit your needs and demands best. Here we’ll spell out few tips that will help you decide easier.

Brake That Piggy Bank

You’ve been putting money aside for a big splurge for quite some time. Well it’s time to break that piggy bank and pamper yourself with one of many massage chairs available on the market. Count the money and stick to your budget. A sales rep will try to sell himself if it means higher commission, but you know just how far you can stretch.


Make a list of all the features your massage chair should have. Most massage chairs today are designed to mimic human touch with use of various vibrating heat pads and rollers. Moreover, they offer a wide range of massage techniques and all of this with a simple touch of a button on a remote. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a full-body relaxation experience or just a foot massage like in a professional homedics foot massager, ask a sales rep to recommend a massage chair that will assure your complete massage satisfaction.

Appearance does matter

Decide on a design, style and color. Remember appearance does matter. Have the ‘zen’ room in mind when picking out your massage chair. Your massage chair should blend with the interior of the room for your overall ‘zen’ experience.


You decided on your massage chair and sales rep assured you it is the best one on the market. However, when you ‘test-drove’ it it felt uncomfortable and you are not sure what to do. Remember, massage chairs are nothing like shoes and will not break in with frequent use. Therefore, comfort is essential. If you do not feel comfortable in your massage chair then don’t buy it.

Now that we went over few of the most important things you need to be aware of when shopping for your massage chair, jump into your car and drive off to the nearby saloon or browse massage chairs on-line. Congratulations on your newest addition and enjoy all the benefits of regular massage.