Our Tips for Choosing the Right Motorcycle Gear for Your Youngster

By Steve George

August 16, 2023Motorcycle

Vroom vroom! It’s time for a new sport for your youngster. Has your child proved to you they have good coordination and motor skills on their bike? Perhaps it’s time for them to upgrade to a motorcycle. Electric bikes are just for them.

The vroom of the engine will certainly give your child a new look on life and a great new activity they will take in their older years. But safety is always a must. Here are some must-haves for your youngster to stay safe while riding out.


Kid wearing motorcycle helmet.
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In most states, your child can start as young as 8 to ride a motorbike. By this age, they are mature enough to understand the danger of a motorbike but still enjoy its use. The first essential piece in reliable youth motorbike gear is a helmet. The helmet should fit securely around your child’s head. Not too tight and not too loose. To get the fit that won’t quit first, measure around your child’s forehead just above the ears to see the starting size you want.

Because kids are hard to read sometimes when we ask how the piece of accessory feels when they wear it, we can do a few things to test them out. For starters have your child rotate the helmet from side to side with the strap secured. If it moves, it’s too loose. Then, tilt the helmet forward and back. Again, if it moves, it’s the wrong size.

Next, here’s a fun test for your child. Have them tilt their head forward and try to roll the helmet off their head by applying a gentle upward hit to the rear of the helmet at its base. How does it hold up? Does it move to the left or right? This test is what is essential to see if it will protect your child should they have a bad crash. We want it to stay in place and not expose any weaknesses.

If you’re browsing online, then be sure to check the sizing chart provided for each model, and if possible, ask for a chance to try this piece of youth motorbike gear before you buy from the chosen shop. Motorbike tracks may not be as much of tracks as you think. As your child matures and gains more confidence in their new sport, perhaps they would like to experience more thrill from going to off-road.

Going off-road leaves us with one helmet choice only, full-face helmets. Your choice of youth motorbike gear is a carefully thought-out plan to keep your child safe. The function of a full-face helmet gives the best protection for the head. Your child’s chin, eyes, head, and nose will all be protected.

There is another option called an open-face helmet that offers protection for your precious little ones’ chin and nose. Although it offers more ventilation than a full-face helmet, it doesn’t protect as well. This helmet is ok should your child want to ride shotgun on a motorcycle behind you.

Arm Protection

Kid put on black arm motorcycle protection on himself
Source: evs-sports.com

Whether your child starts riding motorbikes at 8 or 15 it’s irrelevant as safety is imperative. This is why purchasing the best quality youth motorcycle gear is the best course of action. Sure, your child can wear their regular long sleeve shirt when riding, but is that the safest?

It’s important to wear long sleeves that are also sturdier and more cushioned to offer utmost protection for the skin as the largest and rather delicate organ. This would especially be of help in case of a fall at a high speed. The safest way to protect their body is with an armoured, breathable, and flexible jacket meant for motorbike wear.

In terms of fit, your child’s jacket should fit a little bigger than your normal-size clothes. This is to ensure you can layer underneath for colder days and stay cooler on hotter days. Also, your child should be able to button the top button of their motorbike jacket comfortably without any kind of bulging.


Kid with motorbike gear standing by his motorcycle in nature
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You can wear jeans to ride a motorbike but why do that when your child can look way cooler with a complete motorbike look? Pants made for a motorbike are durable and study. Motorbike pants are a bit shorter when compared to other pants. This is because motocross or motorbike shoes are high so to stay comfortable you can opt for these pants to avoid the bulky ankle feel.

Some things you won’t find with just any pair of pants are heat and abrasion leather knee panels on both legs that offer further reinforcement in the most critical wear areas. Lastly, motorbike pants are made with flexibility in mind for utmost performance, which explains why the combination fabric consisting of polyester, polyamide-nylon, cow leather and elastane is the ideal choice.


Kid in black and pink motorbike gear driving dirt bike
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Riding boots are almost if not the most important piece of youth motorbike gear, second to a helmet. Riding boots are not just any old boots. These offer optimum protection for your precious child’s feet, ankles, and calves. Although with a helmet and boots combined your child may complain this is too much, these are non-negotiable pieces in youth gear.

Encourage them to take the time to get used to them and they will. The fit should be snug not tight to lose circulation, or too loose to make them clumsy. When your child tries on the shoes, you should see if they have any ankle movement. If so, then they aren’t the ones.

To pick the right size for your child it is usual to purchase riding boots one size bigger than their current shoe size. This depends also on the company that is producing the shoes. Take note to read how the manufacturer suggests ordering a shoe size. Whether it’s a dirt bike, motorbike, or motocross, you want a fit that will allow them to grip the foot pegs securely and operate the controls effectively. You don’t want to make any shortcuts when choosing gear for your child.

Happy Riding

What makes you a great parent is how much you let your child explore and find what they like in life. Nothing makes that better than being safe and prepared. Your child will thank you for letting them get down and dirty on their new motorbike.