Our Tips for Choosing Uniform Tops

By Maria Rogerson

July 26, 2019Clothes

Though not everyone is a fan of uniforms, they have a key role in making a business seem professional while at the same time positively affect the work ethic, integrity and offer employees the chance to feel part of the team without worrying about hierarchy or getting the dress codes right as is the case with having the freedom to choose the outfits.

uniform tops

Some of the most important pieces are uniform tops and due to the vast variety available at stores, from tailored shirts, polo shirts and T-shirts, to blouses, super-soft knits, waistcoats and shirt dresses, it may not be as much of an easy decision however it’s nothing you can’t handle when you consider certain aspects.

Uniforms seem uncomfortable to many, so much so that just the thought of a uniform evokes annoyance and it shouldn’t be so which is why it’s important to start choosing based on the materials, i.e. the comfort.

If you’re looking for something soft to touch that also provides breathability it’s got to be  100% cotton, though if wrinkling is your concern and you prefer something low maintenance then opt for the combination of cotton and polyester.

ladies work tops

Don’t forget to include the season in the decision too because what’s suitable for the warmer days of the year isn’t always the ideal option for the colder ones. If however you choose to have year-round uniform tops, you could add an extra layer during winter, like knits, waistcoats or blouses.

One size doesn’t fit all so the next step you should take would be to know the measurements of each and every employee (the arms, the chest and the neck to be precise), having in mind not wearing the top in the suitable size can also cause discomfort, this refers to both bigger and smaller sizes. Not to mention, depending on the job it can be dangerous too.

Now, when considering the different styles, think of what would best represent the business, your company and brand specifically. What’s suitable for hospitality businesses isn’t exactly the best choice for office or sports workers however don’t underestimate the necessity to carefully choose the colours as well.

Last but not least, think of the branding possibilities and accessories great for your business. Branding can be done in a subtle way by embroidering the company’s logo on the tops, relying on badges or offering a little flexibility with the looks allowing employees to have the freedom to choose accessories of their own, such as neck scarves or hats, again with the logo on; the possibilities are endless!