Our Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Massage

By Steve George

July 18, 2013Medicine

Natural Massage

You’re most likely aware of all the wonders a massage can do for your body and mind. In today’s world when time is money, we all carry a lot of stress on our shoulders and having that burden taken off is mind-blowing and feels amazing. Aside form addressing joint, back and neck paint, sore muscles, stress, anxiety and even minor injuries, this natural therapy will rejuvenate your mind instantly. Of course, if done properly. And aside from having the skilled masseuse or quality electric massage chair, to get the most out of this powerful tool that boost overall health, you as well must do certain things.

Below we singled out few tips on how to get the most out of your next or first massage. However, before we list the things you should do before getting a massage, know these apply to both spa and at home massages; to whether you’ve scheduled a massage session with a professional masseuse or are pampering yourself with homedics foot massager at home.

Relax Beforehand – It is imperative to be calm and relaxed before a massage. We all have things that need to be addressed right away, but put them aside for couple of hours. Being in a good mood will greatly enhance all the benefits you’ll experience. The best way is to take a relaxing bath or long warm shower before massage.

Avoid Consuming Stimulants – It is best to avoid or at least limit consumption of stimulants such as sugar and caffeine as they affect your nervous system and thus stimulate your body rather than relax it. This does not only apply to a spa massage. Avoid indulging in chocolate while using homedics foot massager as well.

Say ‘No’ To Alcohol – Do not drink alcohol before getting a massage. To ensure a mind-blowing experience, try not to consume alcohol at least 24 h prior to massage. Alcohol increases levels of toxins in the blood while a massage is intended to actually reduce those toxins. Thus, stay away from any beverage that has even the minimal amount of alcohol in it.

Eat Light – Avoid eating a heavy meal at least 2 hours before your massage. Full stomach will leave you tired, thus eat light food that’s easy to digest such as soup and fruits. Follow this rule even you plan on relaxing in your own electric massage chair at home. Make sure you don’t turn on those rollers immediately after having a hearty and delicious family dinner.

Be Hydrated – Make sure you drink plenty of water. Water flushes waste and toxins out of the body while massage helps release them. Thus, being hydrated will help your body get rid of any waste easier.