The fitness and athletic clothing industry has proved to be a giant in the Australian economy over the last few years with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. All the health food and healthy lifestyle trends that have been popping up these last few years have clearly had an impact in the way consumers spend their money as this market grew outstandingly. In 2015 alone, it raked in 2 billion dollars in revenue and annual growth rose by 8.8%.

Another section of this industry that has grown significantly over the last couple of years, has been the online athletic apparel industry. This is mostly due to people getting better with computers and more comfortable with buying sports gear online. According to latest reports, this industry sector has had an annual growth of 22.6% and a revenue of 71 million dollars. The future outcome of this industry is only expected to grow and double in size with the retail store section expected to grow 5.0% per year and sports gear online sales section is expected to grow a big 14.6% per year.

These industries have done wonders in providing jobs, especially the athletic apparel retail industry with jobs rising to 6,792 in 2015, even though there are only 77 businesses accounted for in the athletic apparel retail sector and another 76 businesses accounted for in the online sector. These numbers seem quite small compared to some other industries which gave space for opportunities, so if you are looking to invest in something with a promising future this is the industry to consider.

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