Our Tips for Choosing the Right Landing Net Design

By Steve George

March 3, 2015Fishing

The number of available fishing products essential for a succesfull fishing trip constantly increases. Fishing stores offer anything from lures, lines, rods, reels, fishing wear, to landing nets and many other fishing accessories crucial for landing small and big fish. Although all of the fishing equipment and accesoories mentioned above have their own part in the whole fishing process, still we will focus on the neccessity of owning a quality landing net.

Every fishermen that seeks to cath big fish, would tell you that a quality landing net is a must. Choosing the ideal landing net design might be an overwhelming task at first. But, with our help, you can kiss your shopping headaches goodbye.


Know Your Catch – The first step to choosing the right landing net design is to determine the fish you want to catch. Obviously, you don’t need a small trout net to land a pike and vise verse, you won’t need a pike net to catch small trout or a crappie. To avoid this kind of mistake, get the right landing net design. Nets designed for smaller fish have a small hoop that keeps the fish inside the net and prevent any slipping accidents. Large nets on the other hand, come with larger hoops that are made of durable net material to hold the weight of the fish.

Handle Lenght – Know how you want to fish. If you want to fish from a boat or a dock, you might need a landing net with a long and extendable handle. Shore or fly fishermen who plan to catch the fish at a boat, should select a fishing net with a shorter handle.

The Material of the Net – Lately landing net manufacturers put greater accent on the material rather than on the design. They started to produce nets with rubber material instead of nylon, in order to protect the catch and keep it safe when inside the net. When you look for a landing net design, opt for an elastic rubber-webbed net that helps protect your fish from roughing. Yes, the nylon landing net is much durable and resistant to hooks when compared with the rubber one, but it is known to remove the protective layer that coats the fish.

If you consider all of the above mentioned tips, you won’t have a problem choosing the right landing net design.