Tips on How to Install Timber Venetian Blinds as Your Window Treatment

By Maria Rogerson

August 19, 2016Home & Decor

A home is not a home without windows. They are the eyes of it, letting us see through the outside world from our safe havens and giving us all the light we need. However, unless you live in a scarcely inhabited area with no soul around you, you can’t make it without the use of blinds. Blinds will keep you away from the eyes of nosy neighbours and passers-by as well as give you the chance to control the amount of light you want through the windows and protect your furnishing from overexposure to direct sunlight or the persistent sun-rays in your eyes in the morning.How to Install Timber Venetian Blinds

There are all kinds of styles when it comes to blinds, as much as there are homes, so all of them were designed to suit specific needs. However, the all-time popular choice is venetian blinds because of their minimalist design that is easy to maintain which also provides enough control with the light and privacy you require. Though there are many materials they are made of, such as aluminium, composite, PVC, the best choice are wooden ones, timber in particular, because of the natural and soothing feel they give to a room.

They are twisting and warping resistant, their style never vanes, and you can easily combine them with colourful curtains for more privacy and sophistication, or even paint them as well to go well with the colour of your walls. Furthermore, as wood is well-known for insulating, you will get to save money on electricity, when heating in winter and cooling in summer, because of the natural insulation created by the blinds. You can find the reliable shop that will prepare your custom made blinds for the specific requirements of your home and you can even save up money on the installation however you need to know how to install timber venetian blinds.

When you do the purchase from a trustworthy company, you will get convenient warranty, including the necessary hardware to take matters into your own hands instead of relying on others to do the installation for you and pay them. You will also be given online guides on how to install timber venetian blinds so there won’t be any room for mistakes or panic. There is a distinction between inside and outside mount venetian blinds, but each of them comes with screws and brackets. With both, it’s important to handle them from underneath when you unwrap them and install them without the valance. Every bracket is marked left and right so you’ll know which is which and they must be installed facing out with the flap hinged at top.

With the inside mount, the brackets are supposed to be levelled with the front of the window frame. Brackets are placed in the middle of the blinds with screws in each bracket box. Once this is finished, flaps on the brackets should be open and once the blind is nicely positioned, the flaps are to be closed with a click sound that means they get locked. Last, the valance is installed on the head rail. This shouldn’t take you more than an hour and a half (presumably less).

In the case of outside mount, the only difference is in placing the brackets and it should take you less installation time. Each bracket level is placed on the edges of the frame with the top of the architrave and the flap facing forward. The tip for splitting timber prevention is to pre-drill two holes. The remaining process is the same as with the inside mount. Enjoy the new window treatment in the shade, content of your DIY installation skills.