What to Pack for Rome to feel comfortable and look your best?

By Maria Rogerson

November 16, 2015Health & Beauty Travel

“All roads lead to Rome”! We all know this ancient quote that was suppose to impose to the world that Rome was the center of the world, which was normal back in the days when the Roman Empire was a powerful force. And it was literally like that – all roads, streets and paths were designed so they would all end in the center of Rome.

What was once said as a simple architectural observation, today has a bigger meaning: no matter where you’re headed, you must put Rome on the map! And if you’ve already booked your ticket, have in mind this one thing when packing: Italy is the world’s second fashion hot spots just after Paris, France. You simply must look your best when you hit those Italian streets, unless you like feeling invisible in the crowd of extremely gorgeous looking people! It is winter in Italy now, so besides fancy warm clothes and shoes, you need fancy accessories too, starting with hats (huuuuuge trend these days)! So for starters, look online to buy hats Australia retailers offer for colder seasons. And here are few more suggestions to complete your Italian style.


The right pair of shoes.

So, having in mind how long you plan on staying in Rome and what your agenda is, you’ll need two pair of shoes: something flat and a pair of high heels. Colder seasons mean you can easily get your ankle-boots and be prepared for either windy days or even rain. You can also choose sneakers if you prefer to be all sporty. Make sure it is your most comfortable pair though, Rome is full of things to see, explore and try, and you’ll need your feet for that race with the time. The high heels are a must simply because you will surely dine in a fancy Italian restaurant, dressed all elegant with a flirty mood on. Or even if just for a couple of martinis in a popular bar.


If you’re uncertain about whether what you have in your closet is going to pass as stylish enough in Rome, choose the black pieces. Black is always stylish and easy to combine with everything; a black little dress for your evening events and a pair of black pants, or a day-dress in which you’ll be warm enough an easy to move. If you have a black jacket, take it and don’t worry, it goes well with anything. And when you look to buy hats Australia online retailers list by different features on their sites, look for black ones; easy to combine them with everything.


For every occasion and in every part of the world, accessories make an outfit complete. Your favourite earrings and a few necklaces that can be well combined with your clothes are good enough. If, however, you’re aiming at leaving an impression, buy hats Australia stores offer for stylish ladies. Fedoras made from warm materials with mid-wide brims are a huge trend right now. If you want to be well prepared for eventual snow, get a fancy beanie, or a cloche, they cover your head a little more than a fedora, and keep you warm at the same time.

Details, details.

Even if the sun isn’t shining that bright, you still need a pair of sunglasses. Who said that sunglasses need to be worn only when the sun is shining to a blinding point? They’re a fashion accessory and should be treated as such at all times. Don’t forget an umbrella, and make sure it’s a fancy one; just like the rest, the umbrella is an accessory for rainy days.

Finally, do your research. There’s no bigger mistake than heading on a trip and not exploring the city and planning when and what to visit. You have limited time and money, so make the best out of it!