Our Tips for Recreating the Divine Decor of Scandinavian Dining Rooms


July 5, 2018Furniture

The dining room is the crown jewel of a home. It is the spot where friends linger during special gatherings, where guests get together for specially prepared meals, where family gathers to discuss important matters of the day. Scandinavian countries treat this room of the house as the heart of the home where everyone snuggles up to a lovely meal next to the people they love the most. I, personally, am a huge fan of this design trend – from streamlined modern minimalism to rustic country charm. For that reason, below I put together some ideas regarding which pieces of furniture, colours and designs go best together. Endless inspiration awaits.

Danish dining chairs

Attic Dining Room

Having the dining room in the attic is typically Scandinavian. The unique architecture of the attic walls brings everything to a higher level, creating a solid and bold appearance. This means you don’t need to worry about the decorative palette – the walls act as a design element on their own. Of course, white laminate floors, sleek, white Danish dining chairs and table to complement the overall heaven-like ambiance. And yes, lush plants to add a natural touch to this lovely all-white setup.

Colourful Nordic Paradise

Go through a couple of Scandinavian design magazines and you will notice that Aifel chairs are a really popular design trend. And how wouldn’t they be – they entirely fit in the neat and contemporary concept of Scandinavian divinity. Add a colourful drape on an otherwise plain window in a bold blue and red combination to add an artistic and lively touch to your awesome dining room.

Natural Wood Tones

When going for Scandinavian influence, it is hard to go wrong with this timeless combo – white walls and Danish dining chairs in natural wood tones. Feel free to mix things up with a dark gray wall to create a fascinating duel of styles. The mix of classic chairs and open cabinetry will bring your eclectic dining arrangement to a superior level in an instant.

Let There Be Light

It is amazing how much influence light and shadow can have on warm wooden surfaces. Pendant lighting is obviously the staple of Scandinavian décor, but natural lighting is the game changer. Place your Danish dining chairs and table right next to a big window and watch the transformative power of daylight. This design move plays even a greater role in attic dining rooms, elevating the Nordic sunny interior style.