A Priceless Tip for Deepening Your Relationship With God

By Maria Rogerson

December 15, 2016Books


I spoke to God and God told me to seek His face. Seek means “to pursue, to crave, to make sacrifices”. It means everything I’ve ever done and everything I will ever do for my Lord, because I believe in Him and because He told me so. God actually told me to start a deeper relationship with Him and that relationship is what matters the most, even though it means it may take a little while until we sincerely realize that. When I started focusing more on Him, I began to experience fulfillment, satisfaction, joy and sincere, true love. I can always rely on Him, I can always talk to Him and I can only be sincere to Him and in return He will will give me strength, just like the Psalm 37:4 says: “Enjoy the Lord and He will give what your heart asks”.

I suppose I was like most Christians at the beginning of my relationship with God. It’s always about what we ask from Him and for a little while, that is just fine. I know that’s how we all start and I don’t think that should be a bad thing. But once we’ve asked many things from Him, we should start doing something for our Lord as well. Once we realize this, it means that we matured and we’ve grown in our faith. I personally overcame these obstacles when I started reading the Bible or the Holy Bible King James Version to be precise. It was then when I discovered the real nature and the deep truth of God’s words. It was then when I started building my now strong relationship with God and it was the Holy Bible that made me understand our Lord’s goodness and true love for all people.

The Holy Bible King James Version is the book that has helped thousands and thousands of people in the English speaking world to find their way to God and to receive His gift of kindness and salvation. The Holy Bible is the core of all literature. It has the reputation of the greatest book of all times thanks to the beautifully written Psalms, verses and chapters. Language is the gift of God and the Holy Bible is very rich regarding beautiful language. That’s how God started communicating with the humankind and that’s why language is not a shallow way to start your relationship with God. It’s His gift for us, it’s His sacrifice and His love. It’s very important to know that Christianity is a religion of the word, because that’s God’s highest form of communication with us. The good word, both spoken and written, is our only mean of communication with Him. This is why every Christian that wants to deepen their relationship with God should read, re-read and enjoy the words of the Holy Bible and place all the faith in the prayer. That’s how we will strengthen our faith and our understanding with God, by speaking with Him and listening to His words. And if you listen carefully He will also tell you to “seek for His face because that way His heart and His hand will always be open for you”.