Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Tips for Finding Happiness

By Maria Rogerson

November 15, 2016Books


We, human beings, are fragile creatures whether we like to admit it or not. Life oftentimes overwhelms us leaving us wondering what on Earth we are doing and why it feels like we are merely surviving our days instead of fully enjoying them. Well, my dear ones, if you are going through such a dark period right now or if you simply need to be reminded of the things that truly matter in life, then I believe you will appreciate the following several tips I selected from some of my favourite sources of inspiration.

Feed Your Soul

I know that your everyday responsibilities consume most of your energy, but you need to remember that finding the will to find time for yourself is immensely important. If you love relaxing in nature, gardening, painting, singing, reading, or expressing yourself through writing, then I strongly advise you to consider turning that activity into a part of your daily routine. Trust me, that’s the least you deserve.

Seek the Comfort of Books

I believe that books remind us, again and again, that we are not alone in the world, that someone else has already endured all of the hardships and problems we are struggling with at the moment. Books can literally save our life, all we have to do is let them. Many people, whenever they are suffering heartache or questioning the purpose of their life, turn to God and His sacred words for help. I must confess that I am one of them. After reading about The Message Bible online, as well as in several Christian magazines, I decided to give it a chance. Am I glad I did that? Well, in less than a year since I’ve bought my copy of The Message Bible online, I’ve read it five times.

Written in the rhythms of today’s language, this book has helped me understand God better and accept His messages easier. It has helped me transform not just hope but my whole life. Simply said, I was truly surprised by this book’s deep insights.

Have a Good Core Group of Friends

It saddens me to say this, but over the past five years I’ve realized that many people I know have surrounded themselves with people who don’t really understand nor respect them. Don’t let this become your unfortunate story as well for friendships are one of the few things that give our life deep meaning.

Live in the Now

This piece of advice is one that all of us should follow. Oftentimes, our obsession with the future makes us forget how important living in the present moment truly is. We should always keep in mind that postponing our happiness is never a smart idea.