Our Tips For Francine Rivers’ Book You Must Read

By Maria Rogerson

September 9, 2014Books

Francine Rivers is New York Times best-selling author that began her literary career at the University of Nevada. Even though she encountered Christ later in life, still she succeeded to write numerous Christian-themed books like Redeeming Love, The Last Sin Eater, Bridge To Haven and many others. Her Christian novels were well accepted by Christian readers and have been awarded and nominated for prestigious honors like RITA Awards, ECPA Gold Medallion and Holt Medallion in Honor of Outstanding Talent. They were so popular they were even translated into over 20 different languages.

bridge to heaven

Francine Rivers became one of the best novelist of our time. Her talent to bring characters closer to readers is what makes her books so amazing. One that stands out from all the rest is Bridge To Haven. This New York Times bestseller is a moving story of undeserved love and grace. Amazing book that will make you read it in one breath. If you are looking for a nice Christian romance with a mild theme of redemption, then Bridge To Haven is the one to pick. This page turning book is about little girl that was abandoned as a baby, under the bridge of Haven. It was pastor Zeke that found her and took care of her for years. Problems begin when he decides to give her away to a better family.

Abra, the little girl, felt like she is being abandoned once again, and starts to rebel. She became so close to her brothers, especially with Joshua, that she couldn’t stand the fact to be away from him. Eventually, Abra grows into a beautiful young woman who runs away with a boy she barely knows, and turns her back on everything she was taught. However, her life does not go the way she expects. The fast-talking boy she run away with starts abusing her, and she stops feeling any love she she used to have for him. And just when she thought her life is a disaster, she finds herself in Hollywood, where she soon becomes a rising acting star.

Bridge To Haven is all about temptation, grace and unconditional love. According to Francine, people are born to do and learn from their mistakes. All we are left to do is repent and hope for the best, just like Abra. Even though she fulfills her dreams and becomes famous, all her heart wants is to go back to Haven.

To find out what happens at the end, buy the book.