Furniture Removals Tips: Sailing Relocation Made Smooth

By Steve George

April 7, 2016Furniture

Moving is not an easy task – it requires a lot of time and effort. However, that doesn’t mean that you should dedicate a whole month just planning the process of moving to your new home, packing and transporting; definitely not – your time is your biggest asset. So, why not leave all the hard work in the hands of an experienced furniture removals company and actually get excited about settling down in your new home? Take off that weight off your shoulders.

All that you need to do is to make sure that your new home is all set up for moving, find a reliable and trustworthy moving company, book your move, pack your small necessities and leave the hard work to the furniture removals. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the packing tips you should follow to pack in an easy, fast and efficient manner and with that to make your move a care-free and smooth experience.Furniture_Removals

Before you start packing

First things first – buy packing essentials such as cartoon boxes, tape, wardrobe boxes with hanger bars, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, text markers, etc. Also, classify your items; take everything out of your closets, kitchen cabinets and book shelves. When classifying, you will come across many items that you haven’t used for a long time nor you think you’ll use in future. There’s no need for you to keep nor bother moving old clothes, shoes, books, magazines, rarely used kitchen appliances and similar. Get rid of the unusable stuff and food with an expired date to reduce the volume of items you need to move and will simplify and ease the whole process as well.

Pack what is left

Now that you have separated all the items you want to move, the next step is to pack them. Start by packing those that are not a part of your daily routine. Such items include: books, magazines, jewelry, CDs, photo albums, souvenirs and similar. Leave the essentials you use on a daily basis such as hygiene products, towels, socks, underwear, everyday clothes as well as electronics such as your laptop and tablet computer last on the packing list.

Speaking of souvenirs and other breakable items, keep in mind that you need to pay a great attention when packing them. To protect your valuable fragile items from damages and breaking, wrap them in a bubble wrap and make sure they are packed loosely in a separate cartoon box. When you are done packing these items, close the box, seal it with tape and mark the box “fragile” with a red text marker. This will let the furniture removals know that this particular box needs to be transported with extra care and attention.

Keep a weight balance

Avoid packing a bunch of heavy items such as books and ceramic plates in one big box. The more heavy items you pack in a single cartoon box, the heavier and the more difficult the box will be to carry. Also, this increases the chances for the bottom of the box to fall apart and all of the items to break. With that being said, leave the big boxes for bulkier but lighter items such as toys, pillows or cooking utensils, and pack the heavier items in small boxes.

Disassemble the bulky and heavy furniture items

Not only that the bulky and heavy items are more difficult to handle, they are also more prone to damage when they are being transported assembled as they are. To reduce their volume and protect their parts from any potential damage, make it a point to disassemble the parts that can be separated. You can do this by yourself or ask the furniture removals to help you.