Our Tips for Royal Quality Sleep

By Maria Rogerson

October 4, 2016Furniture

royal bed

Besides going to bed after midnight (we all used to quarrel with our parents on the matter when we were teenagers), the reasons for a bad sleep at night further extend to the type of mattress we sleep on. Quite understandable though, sleeping in an uncomfortable position simply can’t result in you waking up all rested and full of energy for the day that’s awaiting for you. And sleeping in an ‘uncomfortable position‘, can mean a lot of things. For example, not having enough space and constantly being pushed by your partner who sleeps over the entire mattress surface. Think it’s his/her fault? Nope. It’s your mattress’s.

People are generally unaware of the position they sleep in, especially when they crash in bed after a long and very exhausting day. This consequently means you shouldn’t blame your partner if he/she is all over the bed like he/she is the only one who sleeps in it. One obvious solution would be to look for king mattresses for sale, as the obvious size for people who struggle with sharing a bed with someone else. Here are a few more things you can do to improve your sleep.

Seriously, invest in your mattress
You’ll spend about 25 years of your life sleeping in bed, so investing in a quality mattress can only do you good. And if you are a person who struggles with sharing a bed with someone else, then looking for king mattresses for sale is something you should do first. Additionally, make sure the mattress is soft and of good quality, so it lasts you long and provides you with a good night’s sleep. You can never know, it might even sparkle your love life; who doesn’t want to cuddle on chilly nights while still being able to sleep in their natural position?

The bedtime ritual is a very real thing – create one if you haven’t already
It’s called pampering yourself. You could take a shower and indulge in relaxing massages with your favourite body lotions and creams or essential oils. You could do some face pampering as well, put on your pyjamas and maybe read for 15 minutes. Doing that every night will make your body accustomed to expect this ritual at a certain time. That way, you won’t have to worry when are you going to go to bed – your body will tell you. This is important because it will help you create a regulated, biological sleep time during which is best for the body and the entire organism to be at rest.

Skip electronics, coffee, alcohol and heavy food
Turn all your electronics off – TV, laptops, phones. Electronics don’t have a good influence on the quality of your sleep as they disturb your amygdala, leading to potential anxiety and resulting in keeping your eyes wide open. The same effect can be experienced if having improper lights, which is why complete darkness is the best environment you can create for sleeping. Coffee is a also a big no-no before sleep. Coffee disturbs the entire organism, deceiving it that it has a lot of energy, when it really doesn’t. You become restless and can’t close your eyes. Avoid coffee before bedtime. The same goes for alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol before sleep interferes with your REM phase. And finally, eating too much food rich in fats before you go to sleep can also cause you to be unable to really fall into the deep sleep phase. The process of digesting heavy foods is a rather hard one and can cause a lot of unplesantries during bed time, so make sure to avoid that too.

Pay attention to your sleeping process. It’s a complex one, although we don’t really get it. It’s no coincidence that the human body needs at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep to restore itself and start function properly the next day. Make sure you do everything you can to assure that.